Siyancela Disappointed His Fans After He Allegedly Left His Pregnant Wife In labour To Do This

Siyancela Disappointed His Fans After He Left His Pregnant Wife In labour To Go And Drink Alcohol In #IsencaneLengane

Source: Hashtag #IsencaneLengane twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode


Congratulations to Thando and Siyacela for giving birth to their baby boy. The child is here and he looks like Siyacela. Mzansi is happy that Thando gave birth at private hospital instead of public hospital.

Siyacela from #IsencaneLengane have disappointed his fans after he left Thando and go and drink alcohol. Siyacela has embarrassed his fans to think that a whole married woman has went through labour with her sister in law while her husband is out drinking.

Siyacela abandon his wife while she’s in labor with. He went hospital after Thando called him and inform him about the baby. He didn’t even bring anything for her at the hospital.

Siyacela was absent and he was not answering calls on Thando’s day of giving birth. He was insulting people who were helping him because he was too drunk. Siyacela has missed important moment to cut the umbilical cord because he was drinking while his wife is giving birth.

Siyacela wouldn’t call an ambulance because he wanted to see Thando’s water breaking first. People have already concluded that Siyacela is going to be an awful father after he said he wanted to be fetched from a place he was instead of the car rushing to take Thando to hospital. People are convinced that Thando is going to raise the child alone while he went out to drink alcohol.

What is your thoughts about the behavior of Siyacela? Do you think he is going to be a good father to his child.?

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