Siyacela Left Mzansi Not Happy After He Allegedly Fought With Thando’s Mother In #IsencaneLengane

Siyacela Left Mzansi Not Happy After He Allegedly Fingt With Thando’s Mother In #IsencaneLengane

Source: Hashtag #IsencaneLengane Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode


Thando is a mess, she looks like she can’t even stand up, she doesn’t even have energy to speak. Siyacela is fighting with Thando’s monther and it’s so hectic. What Siyacela is doing does not suit him.

Siyacela always fighting with the parents of his wife and doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Last it was Siyacela fighting with Thando’s father today he exchange words with mother in-law. Thando has disowned her father because he fought with Siyacela, she’s going disown her Mother now because of Siyacela.

Siyacela has been misleading Thando from he start ad Thando has also been listening to him. Thando and Siyacela live at some rental home. Thando gave birth to her fist child and she was assited by neighbors while her parents and in-laws are still alive.

Viewers have gave round of applause to Thando’s mum for always speaking the truth and facing Siyacela for all of us. Siyacela have insulted Thando’s mother.

Thando visited Siyacela’s grandmother because they want to go back and live with her. She wasn’t going to to see her if things were going well. They are living with people they don’t know while they have both families who are willing to help them.

Thando is really letting Siyacela speak to her own mother like that? The woman who helped Thando during birth, MaMagwaza has told her mother that Siyacela is abusing her. Vuwers believes that a total stranger would not make up lies like that.

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