Siyacela Left Mzansi Angry After He Did This In #IsencaneLengane


Source: Hashtag #IsencaneLengane twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode




#IsencaneLengane is a groundbreaking where ordinary two teens Siyacela and Thando from rural area in KwaZulu-Natal were made reality tv stars.

Mzansi has been asking Thando’s family should intervene. Thano has turn her back on her family because of Siyacels. People are done feeling sorry for a person who isn’t even sorry for themselves. Thando really looks at Siyacela and sees her hill. Thando deserves all the smoke and drama Siyacela is gonna give. We used to think Thando was clever and that she would one day realize she deserves better but no baby girl got pregnant and she’s still supporting her stupid husband.

Siyacela has lost respect to all his elders and its sad that the person who has bee looking after him is no more. Siyacela does not look at his stepmother. Syacela needs to learn that just because people ‘don’t do anything for him’ doesn’t mean he have to disrespect them.

Siyacela probably thinks his step mother is behind the break in. Thando has became big just like Siyacela and their house is filthy. Siyacela’s granny did say their house doesn’t get cleaned it’s just dirty. Thando will give birth anytime and she only think of giving birth far away where the family will not see them. Thando thinks raising a child is pap ‘n vleis. She can’t be taking chances with a new born, especially when you are a first time mom with no experience of raising a child. We all know Siyacela won’t be much of help. Siyacela will never change and Thando will raise her child on her own since she’s cutting everyone off.

Mzansi is so disappointed in @MojaLoveTv Thando can’t afford R32k of a private hospital birth while they are on Season 4 of #IsencaneLengane. It’s now obvious that they are financially struggling? Siyacela is still making a plan while Thando is 38 weeks pregnant. He’s supposed to hustling and save some money for incase he found that his woman is expecting.

Fans wonder what will happen to Thando and Siyacela financially the day MojaLoveTv decides to cancel the show. One day Thando will look at all this and realize how foolish she was.