Siyacela Left Mzansi Angry After He Did This In #IsencaneLengane

#Isencane Lengane is a ground-breaking show in which two rural

KwaZulu-Natal teenagers, Siyacela and Thando, become reality stars.

To help resolve the situation, Mzansi has asked Thando’s family to step in. Because of Siyacels, Thano has turned her back on her family. People have had enough of pity for someone who isn’t even sorry for themselves. Thando really pays attention to Siyacela’s hill. Siyacela is going to give Thando a lot of smoke and a lot of drama. No baby girl has ever conceived, and Thando is still supporting her husband’s scumbag.




To say that Siyacela is no longer revered by all of his elders would be an understatement. Siyacela turns his back to his stepmother and keeps his head down. As long as people “don’t do anything for him,” Syacela doesn’t have to treat them with disrespect.

Siyacela is likely to suspect his stepmother of being behind the robbery. Thando and Siyacela’s house is a mess since they’ve grown so large. Siyacela’s grandmother did claim that her family’s home was unclean since they didn’t clean it. Thando is ready to give birth at any time, and her main concern is that she give birth far away from the rest of her family. Thando considers becoming a parent to be pap ‘n vleis (stupid). A first-time mother with no previous experience parenting a child is more at risk when it comes to a new baby. Siyacela, as we all know, is not going to be much help. They can never change, and Thando will raise her child alone since she has shut everyone else out of the equation.

Mzansi is furious with @MojaLoveTv for letting it down. While filming Season 4 of #IsencaneLengane, Thando is unable to pay the R32k cost of a private hospital delivery. Is it now clear that they are in a financial bind? While Thando is 38 weeks pregnant, Siyacela is still plotting her course of action. Assuming he finds out his wife is pregnant, his job requires him to hustle and put some money away.

MojaLoveTv viewers are concerned about what would happen to Thando and Siyacela’s financial situation if the show is canceled. Thando will look back on this and laugh at herself.