Siyacela Leaves Mzansi Disturbed After He Did This To Thando While In Hospital

Given the abundance of reality television programs that are broadcast each year, reality television has emerged as one of the most popular segments of the South African entertainment market. And since since the Moja Love channel on DStv was launched, which mostly features reality shows based on events in South African culture.


The majority of the programs that air on the Moja Love channel are highly entertaining, and many viewers tune in to them every day. Most of the reality television programs produced by this network are educational, address societal concerns, and enlighten viewers about daily occurrences in and around South Africa that ordinary people go through. Every Sunday, Isencane Lengane is a program that many people look forward to and love watching. Two young people who decided to get married at the tender age of 16 are the subject of this reality television program. Since they wed four years ago, their reality show has entered its fourth season. People can observe what it’s like for two teenagers to become married. And to be honest, they weren’t usually impressed. Instead, they brooded over the spouse, Siyacela, every Sunday.

The young couple is now parents for the first time. They deserve congratulations. The first kid of Thando was delivered in the hospital in last night’s show, and viewers weren’t thrilled with the way Siyacela handled his wife after she gave birth. He gave the impression that he did not give a damn about Thando’s suffering. Siyacela repeatedly let viewers down, and he stunned viewers even more when he made Thando go get dressed while they were in the hospital, only for him to take the food that the staff had provided her to bolster her body.