Siya Kolisi, Rachel and kids chill on a lazy Sunday

Springboks captain Siya Kolisi, his wife Rachel and their kids chilled, enjoying family time on a Sunday.

It was a Sunday, and Siya took time off his busy schedule to enjoy time with his family.


The family had been around the Worod but settled in France after joining Racing 92.

After joining Racing, Siya Kolisi made headlines with how much he interacted with fans.

He sang and danced with them and had time to speak to them, signing their autographs.

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Now that Siya had settled his duties at work, he was back with his wife Rachel and their kids.

Chilling, smiling and interacting, Siya Kolisi finally looked happy to have such a time at home.

“Sunday ❤️”

Siya Kolisi family Sunday

Rachel and Siya are fan favourites regarding rugby players and their wags.

Many fans look at them for inspiration about connecting and spending quality time.

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Even when Siya had so much pressure with the club or the Springboks, Rachel was always there.

She was there in France and England when they made World Cup preparations, and she seemed to be the kind of wife many fans wanted.