Siya Kolisi celebrates Rachel, leaving fans gushing over her.

Finding the right person is not easy. Especially someone who will accept you as you are with your flaws and all. Spending forever with a person requires so much from each person. But a person that loves you unconditionally will move mountains to see you happy.




Women will always give you the best when they are treated right. They go out of their way to make sure that you are genuinely happy. Siya Kolisi is an award winning rugby player and philanthropist. He makes sure to give back to the people through the Kolisi Foundation.

He hit a jackpot when he married Rachel because not only did she become his wife but she became a mother to his two siblings as well and their children later on. She’s raising them while making sure she supports him with his career. He shared pictures of them together as a family and we couldn’t help but gush over them.