Siya From #Ukungenwa Left His Fans Disappointed After He Did This In #Ukungenwa

Siya From #Ukungenwa Left His Fans Disappointed After He Did This In #Ukungenwa

Source: Hashtag #Ukungenwa twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv 157 channel latest

#Ukungenwa followers hate how this show is a misrepresentation of the Zulu culture. Ukungenwa, is a process whereby a brother looks after his late brother’s household. However the brother to be entrusted must also have his own wife. Whatever he acquires in his late brother’s household belongs to that household, even the children that are born are his brother’s.




In culturally, the late brother’s wife has a choice. She can either accept or refuse to be ngena’d. She is not compelled to do it. If she accepts the concept, She can even choose herself the suitable brother to look after their household.

After seeing today’s episode on #Ukungenwa, followers are disappointed in Siya. Siya does not have respect to womans his dating. Women are not supposed to be subjects to men. We are not your slaves. Siya made both Mamkhize and Ms Lesotho pregnant and they both lost the babies. And he still doesn’t see that problem is with him for sleeping with the late brothers wife.

This woman is scared of everything except Siya. Siya is controlling. True to a cheaters characteristics. Culturally a man doesn’t cheat culture and tradition still used to oppress women in relationships.

When Siya said “if her granny really loves her why she doesn’t her her lotto numbers instead of me cheating”… i saw the look on her face. Its every disappointing.

Siya is gas lighting Mamkhize. Obviously trying to hide the things that he has been doing behind her back. Siya is about to see his actions again with all the lies catching up to him. Mamkhize is avoiding the important part that her husband cannot not be trusted more special when it comes to skirt. She has sister wife’s and she’s refusing to accept that. The truth will come and it will shock her.