“Sithelo’s daughter look like Andile Mpisane” Tweeps React After Seeing Sithelo’s Daughter

“Sithelo’s daughter look like Andile Mpisane” Tweeps React After Seeing Sithelo’s Daughter





Sithelo Shozi is celebrating her daughters birthday and she is celebrating alone without the father of her child. Sithelo Shozi has two kids with Andile Mpisane. It’s sad that their relationship have also affected the children.

Mzansi cannot help but to think that Baby Coco looks like Andile. Sithelo Shozi have taken to her social media page and says her daughter Coco who is celebrating her first birthday today does not have a father or extended family. This comes after Andile Mpisane and his family have doubt about the child and they requested Sithelo to take a DNA test as a way to prove the paternity of her daughter known as Coco.

It is believed that Sithelo was dating someone at the time when baby Coco was conceive. Andile and the whole family of Mkhize believes that the child does not belong to Andile.

It was reported by the source that Andile Mpisane have now allegedly wants to do paternity tests on both his daughters, Flow and Coco together with Sithelo. After seeing Coco’s face for the first time, fans and followers is convicted that Andile is being dramatic for denying the kids while they not look like him. Fans think that Baby Coco looks like Sbahle Mpisane and Andike again at the same time.

The separation between Sithelo and Andile did not end well. Not long ago Sithelo was revealing the abusive and beating she was getting from Andile and how she had miscarriage along the way. Andile Mpisane was in a relationship with her and now henis a married man and he recently welcomed new baby with his new wife.

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