Sithelo Shozi shows Baby Coco’s face, fans stunned at the resemblance to Mpisane family

Andile In recent weeks, the Mpisane family has been involved in a social media dispute with Andile’s ex-wife Sithelo Shozi. In December of last year, Sithelo acknowledged their split for the first time. The dispute that ensued ultimately included attorneys and parents. However, things eventually calmed down, and followers believed they were handling their difficulties outside of social media.
Sithelo shows off Baby Coco for the first time

After Sithelo uploaded a photo of baby Coco today, many followers have been discussing the events of the previous week. Since the birth of her youngest daughter, the performer has not posted a photo of her face on social media. Neither Andile nor a member of the Mpisane family was present. Today, however, Shozi announced on Instagram that it is Coco’s first birthday and published photographs from a photoshoot that finally reveal the baby’s face.




Sithelo Shozi with Baby CocoSithelo Shozi with Baby Coco-Image Source(Instagram/SitheloShozi)

Many people wished the young girl a happy birthday, and Andile himself released a video of the two of them celebrating. Shauwn Mkhize, who is a devoted grandma to her son’s children, has also written on her timeline. Fans couldn’t help but notice something altogether different despite all the family members praising infant Coco. Fans have observed that Coco’s facial characteristics mirror those of Andile Shauwn Mkhize and Sbahle, not Sithelo. This brought up the dispute between Andile and Sithelo once more.
Andile Mpisane and Sithelo’s social media fight

Baby CocoBaby Coco-Image Source(Instagram/Sithelo Shozi)

Last week, during their social media dispute, Sithelo accused Andile of attacking her physically. Andile counteraccused Sithelo of the same and disclosed a protective order he obtained the previous year. Andile added gasoline to the fire by accusing Sithelo of infidelity during their relationship and said that he desires DNA testing on his two kids with Sithelo. The similarity between Flo and Mamkhize many social media users furious.

The images have simply added fuel to the fire, as Coco resembles Flo, who has people making fun of the Mpisane family. The one-year-old appeared to be enjoying herself in the photographs, oblivious to her parents’ argument and separation. We wish Baby Coco many more years filled with unforgettable childhood experiences.