Sithelo Shozi shares cute picture of her daughter playing her video games.

Today’s generation is more smarter than us when it comes to using electronics. Us it took a long time before we could figure them out. The new generation just holds their gadgets and they know where to. This is good because they are surviving in the Fourth industry revolution.




Award winning dj and influencer Sithelo Shozi has very busy lately when it comes to her djing gigs, and her Instagram content. She has been causing a frenzy with a pictures lately, so much that she was crowned Miss Instagram 2022. With her busy schedule she still makes sure to spend time with her three children.

The dj shared a cute moment of her daughter playing with her tablet. She’s so focused with her little fingers pressing the tablet. We love this side of her more because it means that she can do it all. Coco is not even two yet but she can handle her technology.