Sithelo Shozi shared her BBL video

Sithelo Shozi mentioned that she is going for a mommy makeover. She went to turkey in Istanbul to do her mommy makeover and also to fix her teeth, she shared a reel on Instagram about her week in turkey. Where she shared how her BBL was done and also her teeth.

According to Sithelo Shozi who posted herself on the bed where one could see that she was feeling the pain her lip was also busted. People couldn’t wait to see a full picture of her mommy makeover even some suggested that she might show it off now in spring, on her swimwear but the curiosity is definitely killing us.





According to Sithelo Shozi’s videos and pictures in which she mentioned that she is cropping her lower body lately as she doesn’t want to show off her bottom just yet.

Apparently the wait is over as she shared a picture sitting in saloon and one could clearly see her waist and her curves. She also mentioned that she is on her soft girl era and she definitely didn’t lie, as she have her lashes on and weaves that are really looking good on her.

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