Sithelo Shozi looking stunning in her home bathroom leaving fans speechless

After all the adversities and humiliation she has been through as a media personality, Sithelo Shozi continues to soar to the top. She is one amongst a myriad of women who always say they refuse to look like their problems hence they stay stunning. Sithelo is undoubtedly one of the prettiest of South African women and she is consistent with it. She is always neatly dressed and always has her hair plaited neatly or styled beautifully.


She is a woman who is obsessed with staying beautiful and is never bumped into or seen dull. Her nails, hair and face are always done. She is a huge lover of expensive branded clothes and 90% if the clothes she wears are expensive. Sithelo spends an average of R10 000 on a clothing item. She owns Gucci, Louis Vutton, Balmain, Rich Mnisi, Balenciaga and many more expensive branded clothes. She goes all out in order to look stunning and leave her fans, followers, colleagues and friends astonished.

She has recently shared stunning pictures of herself in her home bathroom with a “bathroom check” caption. She has shared before that her bathroom is one of her favourite rooms in her house because her favourite mirror is placed there. She checks if her makeup is well applied on her bathroom mirror and if she has perfectly matched her clothing items to achieve a gorgeous outfit. Below are the pictures she has shared on Instagram: