Sithelo Shozi influenced by Oscar Mbo to buy these Louis Vuitton Shoes. Check them out.

Sithelo Shozi is a DJ/Producer who released a hit song called Forever featuring Skyewanda which put her on the map as an artist.

But many know her as Andile Mpisane’s baby mama , sithelo and Andile got into a nasty public breakup , the two have a kid together.

Ever since than she has been living a good life posting pictures on her social media from expensive clothes and shoes.

Recently DJ/Producer Oscar Mbo posted on his instagram stories of him at a Louis Vuitton Store and in the video the dj can be seen holding louis vuitton beaubourg platform shoes to which sithelo replied and said she is influenced, she than posted pictures on her Instagram wearing the same louis vuitton shoes oscar mbo was holding in his Instagram stories to which oscar mbo replied. This is Sithelo wearing the same louis vuitton shoes spotted on oscar mbo’s instagram stories oscar mbo replied to sithelo’s instagram post saying “jaaaaaaa”

Sithelo replying to oscar mbo with a picture of the louis vuitton shoes spotted on oscar mbo instagram stories “saying she is influenced than tagging oscar mbo to which he replied “I trust you”