Sithelo Shozi Allegedly Homeless Because She Did This To Mamkhize

Dj Sithelo once was engaged to the rich son of Shawn Mkhize who is a rich socialite multi-millionaire known to South Africans through her reality show. The DJ has always been known for dating Andile Mpisane and has had 2 kids with the guy which made everyone think she was going to marry the guy since to people it looked like she was securing the bag. Well around December things took a turn for the worst when Andile suddenly got married to another woman that no one knew, it seemed as though he was two-timing Sithelo Shozi.

Allegedly they were no longer together and Sithelo had already moved to a new house but which was still owned by Shawn Mkhize.







It is now reported that Mamkhize has decided to put the house that DJ Sithelo stays in up for sale, a couple of months back the internet went ablaze with people saying Mamkhize has kicked Sithelo out and has taken her grandchildren so that she can raise them. Well, she released a statement saying “Nobody has been kicked out of any apartment nor have any kids been taken away from anybody. I remain committed to ensuring that my grandchildren grow up experiencing love from all sides and that they are well-taken care of.,” she said.

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But who can we trust since it looks like the house she stays in is currently being sold?


I hope this is one of those publicity stunts to just get people to watch her reality show, but it might be a story of a bad grandmother trying to pain the mother badly to her children. It is also understandable that she would sell that apartment since she owns it and Sithelo can take her of herself and is old enough.

Sithelos booking fee is currently R25 000 which means shes making more than enough to afford her place.