Sithelo Shozi Accused Of Living A Soft Life While Her Mother Is Left Behind In A Derogatory House

Sithelo Shozi trends again, but this time not for the right reasons. Sithelo had to wake up to some news this week from a Twitter user named Sello Matt who is seemingly attacking Sithelo by alleging that Sithelo is living a very lavish and stylish life while her mother is left in the rural in a very displeasing house. This enraged other Twitter users one was heard saying that Sithelo is a Deadbeat daughter who left her own mother in a house of ruins.

This begs the question but are these allegations even true? Well, Sithelo never shies away from a good Twitter fight and came clapping back with a mild yet potent question sending Twitter away in laughs as she flipped the script around with her subtle clap back.





Sithelo clapped back by acknowledging the post but then had one question: “okay but ikabani lana?” meaning but who’s house is this? y implying that she will take the jab but she doesn’t know whose house it is that is displayed on the captioned house.

So this pretty much implies that this Sello Matt guy is just a troll who is clout chasing for some bit of attention by trashing Sithelo’s name but things sure didn’t go as he had hoped.

Kamo Mphela has also been a victim of such a troll accusing her of something of a resembling nature.

It is sad to see that people would post such rubbish staining the names of other people with fake allegations just for some clout and attention seeking. However, the allegations have been put to rest and people are loving how Sithelo Handled the whole situation before it got messier.

here are some of the fan’s engagement on the Twitter post: