Sithelo reveals the dirty secrets of MaMkhize’s family and speaks out about her abuse with Andile

Its a fight! Sithelo leaks the dirty secrets in MaMkhize’s family and opens up about abuse she suffered from Andile Mpisane

Sithelo Shozi is a model, DJ, entertainer, media character, and virtual diversion star from South Africa.

In any case not all that shimmers is gold. Sithelo Shozi, the youngster mother of Andile Mpisane, the offspring of business visionary Shauwn Mkhize, coincidentally got into a tight spot. Sithelo posted about the issue on her Instagram stories. She was prepared to hold a Q&A meeting, but she mentioned that her lovers be cognizant.



One of Sithelo’s Instagram allies gotten some information about what she had acquired from her relationship with Andile. Many expected a reaction that depicted Andile passing on her to marry another woman. Her response, of course, was exceptionally astonishing. She maintained to have gathered some huge information from their relationship and shared a disturbing recording.

Sithelo recorded a voice call with her youngster daddy Andile, who was abusing her. Andile advised Sithelo that she could never have ever that young person. Since they have two adolescents, we expect he was suggesting one of them when Sithelo and Andile isolated; talk flowed that Andile and Shauwn Mkhize got Baby Flo from her mother Sithelo.

The executive of the Royal AM sabotaged Sithelo with death. He promised to look for her, consider to be her, and kill her. Like that wasn’t adequate, he told her she would never amount to anything and could never have truly anything. Andile let Sithelo in on that she would ceaselessly be under her until the day she died.

Sithelo figured out for her fans that she had kept silent to stay aware of amicability. Following those words, she revealed a grievous event including her and Andile. Andile, according to the mother of three, truly went after her. He hit her, yet he moreover beat her up.

Sithelo was in a room stacked with Andile’s friends and family by then. He mauled her until she lost the youngster she was conveying. They flooded her to the center, and that was all there was to it finish. This event could have happened in Shauwn Mkhize’s house accepting Andile had been with his friends and family.

Sithelo conveyed disturbing scares after she quit fooling around with the outlines she acquired from dealing with Andile’s abuse. “I will find you,” Andile informed her first. Basically give today.” We’re expecting he was meanwhile endeavoring to sabotage Sithelo.