Sithelo Releases More Evidence Against Mamkhize And Andile Mpisane

Sithelo Shozi has kept her vow to expose Shaun Mkhize and Andile Mpisane.

In a new Instagram story on her account, she posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between her and Shaun Mkhize, where Shaun Mkhize hinted that she was aware of the problems and that she was trying to fix them as best as she could as a ‘mother’. The messages hinted that the pair wanted to have a sit down meeting to clear things out.



These conversations were posted as proof that Shaun Mkhize was aware of the abuse by Andile Mpisane towards Sithelo Shozi. This was after Shaun Mkhize had released a statement detailing that the accusations of her knowledge of the abuse were false.

It can only be expected that the drama will only get worse from here. Shaun Mkhize has now involved her Lawers in the matter so that they can deal with it.

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