Sithelo Leakes More DM’s From Shauwn Mkhize. Full details below;

Sithelo Shozi keeps on battling her direction to ‘equity’ following the authority statement delivered by Royal AM pioneer Shauwn Mkhize. The Durban-based DJ Sithelo Shozi has leaked a few DMs among her and Shauwn who argues for them to get together so they can figure out an “issue”. Sithelo uncovered that she had experienced different types of misuse purportedly on account of her child daddy, Andile Mpisane. She incorporated his whole family when she said they generally obviously saw one episode and they even surged her to the emergency clinic.

Putting out an announcement resolving the issue, Shauwn said her family never saw any maltreatment and that her charges are slanderous. “I have been made mindful of charges made against my child, Andile Mpisane by Sithole Shozi on her Instagram account,” the statement begins. “I don’t trifle with these allegations given my set of experiences areas of strength for and against gender-based violence. I don’t and won’t ever approve violence in any structure or nature.”





Anyway Sithelo Shozi leaked a confidential discussion among her and Shauwn, attempting to demonstrate that Shauwn is obviously lying about not being familiar with the maltreatment. In the Dm’s, Shauwn begs Sithelo to get together with her and inquires as to whether her mom might likewise want to be available. Others would likewise go to this gathering including her sibling, her sister and her brother by marriage suggesting that Andile needs a mentor in his life.

“I can’t do this by itself, we have left this thing for a really long time. This thing influences us both,” the message from Shauwn clearly peruses. Sithelo then concurs for the gathering, saying it is what Andile needs in his however said her mom isn’t excessively engaged with things. In another message Shauwn apologizes to Sithelo about a specific issue yet says she can’t help her at that point since she was occupied with court.

“You and Andy are sincerely focusing on me now, I don’t have any idea what to do any longer. I have addressed both of you as a mother however it seems like my advices are not being thought of,” she says. She went on by saying she can drive the two of them to do nothing.

“I might want to completely express that neither myself nor my family have been observer to any supposed maltreatment. These claims are misleading and slanderous. Given the nature, seriousness, and degree of these claims, the matter has been alluded to our legitimate group. It’s vital that the law follows through to its logical end,” she said.

Sithelo shared cuts from a call among her and Andile where he yells at her platitude she won’t ever add up to anything throughout everyday life. He additionally clearly says she will everlastingly stay underneath him. Sithelo said she could do without discussing her confidential life, “I’m not one to talk about anything concerning my confidential life. All the more particularly where my children are involved. In any case, everybody has a limit and this story has gone excessively far. I have been quiet for a really long time and concealed my reality for my tranquility however today I won’t be hushed.”