Sis Thembi Left Mzansi Impressed After She Helps A Lady Who Was Accused Of Witchcraft In #DloziLami

Sis Thembi has been doing a very good job and helping people to communicate with their ancestors. Today’s episode of #Dlozlami was on another angle, the #Dlozli was very angry. Eunice called Thembi to help her under why she is dreaming if her grandmother standing without saying anything.

Eunice basically called Thembi to confirm what the neighborhood was saying all along. Before the grandmother, father and aunty passed on they had to many business’s and people were coming to buy. Since Eunice went to initiate school people are now saying that she is a witches.

The family wanted to know who did it. Eunice has been exposed of killing her parents. Apparently her initiator instructed her to fetch their spirits and put in together. The things that she put in the yards is the one that killed them. When Gogo’s spirit said the thing planted in her house took her life, Mkhulu’s life and their daughter’s life after Mamzo finished with her ancestral ceremony gotta feel for Mamzo as well




Eunice’s siblings will always and forever blame her for their parents death and their misfortunes. This Episode is rough and heavy. It was revealed that she was not supposed to be a sangoma but a prophet. She was suppose to follow her calling if being a prophet. Question is if Mama Eunice was not supposed to be a sangoma in the first place what about the people she initiated? What’s going to happen to them?

People are going to finish their family members by just doing things they’re not really sure of. Some Gobela’s are evil be careful out there if you chose to become a healer. This is why it is very much important to know your spiritual background, otherwise you will go from different churches and sangomas and end up twasing without a calling because you are just pure confused.

May this be a lesson if you go to a initiation school to be a Sangoma you might come back with something that gets planted at the yard at home