Sis Thembi Left Mzansi Impressed After She Helped This Man In #DloziLami Show

Sis Thembi Left Mzansi Happy After He Helped This Man In #DloziLami

Source: Hashtag #Dlozilami Twitter page and DStv MojaLove Channel 157 latest episode

Today’s episode of #DloziLami is heartbreaking. We meet Lionel who grow up in the street for his whole life. It’s heartbreaking to see that there are still kids who still grow up without knowing there real parents. Lionel has 15 years old child and now he want to introduce him to his ancestors but he does not know the way forwards. We can say that Lionel grow up without parents, he is an orphan who has parents but never had luck to meet them when they were still alive.


Despite the fact that Lionel didn’t have biological parents, he was blessed with a loving family of Mam’Rita, they even want him even afterlife. He is blessed to have family like Mam Rita who were able to accommodate him at his lowest point. It’s not many time we get to see loving family treating children that they are not of their blood with love and care. God just be giving anyone children. Then people who actually want kids are struggling. Lionel grow up difficult without knowing who his parents are. Thembi Has left many People in love after she helped this man meet his spiritual parents. As usual Sis Thembi is always here to help people to connect with their ancestors.

She taught us today that when you adopt a child or when you are an adopted child, you also have to be spiritually accommodated , especially if you are adopted. Lionel was not adopted he was abandoned by his father who took him from his mother without telling him that he is his father. He took him and left him with his step mother. One thing i learned about this episode is that some ancestors have a problem with accountability. Instead of making silly excuses, the mother could’ve simply apologized. But if it was us they would’ve wanted a cow with that apology. They make so many demands these ancestors. Some parents destroy their own kids life then wanna come ku after life and apology just like that.