Sis Thembi Left Her Fans Happy After She Teaches This Man How To Pray In Jewish In #Dlozlami

Sis Thembi Left Her Fans Happy After She Teaches This Man How To Pray In Jewish In #Dlozlami

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode





Thembi Nyathi is popular known as a spiritual mediator who help people connects with their loved ones, with their late families who have passed away. Thembi has been in the industry, giving readings, closure, answers and also give healing to families.
Before (Before)

In every episode of #Dlozlami Thembi help different people to connect with their loved ones. In the latest episode Thembi have decided to show his fans how the individuals she have helped have been doing since she last saw them. Yesterday’s episode on #Dlozlami has left many people too emotional.
After (Picture)

Mzansi were left happy and impressed after she re-visited a man she recently helped. It’s been a week since Thembi helped this name Judas who was having headache without any assistance. He said he has been in and out of hospital without getting any help.

In yesterday’s episode Thembi re-visited Judas to check how he has been doing. The man was not praying in the right way. His ancestors were angry at him after noticing that he does not have a “thank you” to his ancestors.

His name is Jewish Judas which means “black Jew”. Thembi helped this name find the right church which he is supposed to follow. Judas is a Jewish which means he should follow Jewish religious when praying. His mother have show Thembi that he should have an altar with candles, he should have his Bible and also a hat in his head.

Apparently this was a season final of #Dlozlami and Thembi has warn people who are trying to scam people using her name. Thembi Nyathi says she don’t have any social media accounts, could all these accounts using her name and pictures should be reported and suspended.