Sis Thembi From #Dlozlami Left Her Fans Happy After She Helped Poor Ancestors & Her Family

Sis Thembi From #Dlozlami Left Her Fans Happy After She Helped Poor Ancestors & Her Family

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157






The viewers of #Dlozlami is still left heartbroken after the latest episode of Thembi. People in twitter has been asking the contact details of Millicent who recently went to see Thembi From #Dlozlami.

Thembi have done it again by helping a young lady Millicent and her family after it was revealed that they go to bed hungry. The show has left many people in tears, people were so emotional in twitter after watching empty kitchen in the house.

The ancestors were so happy to see Thembi after they plead with her to buy them food. Millicent’s other family members are missing and they dont know where they are. Some people are rooming around the street after starting to smoke Nyaopes. She said those who have qualifications are not getting employment.

Millicent is saying their lives are not progressing because they are told there is something in their yards which need to be removed. Her grandmother said that she is a poor ancestors and she cannot tell us what the cause of her poverty but she have accepted that she is a poor ancestors. She said that it’s the life she was born at since she was young.

She said she brought Thembi there so that she can ask on their behalf that even if she can get some groceries for them so that they don’t get to bed hungry. She said that there is no witchcraft or any curses, poverty is what she knows.

Thembi said that the ancestors brought her there so that the whole country can see the episode and be able to help the family in any way they can. She said she cannot force them to put tombstone for her because she knows the poverty she left behind.

Millicent is the chosen angel of this family by her grandmother as curse breaker for her family. Her grandmother said that the blood of a cow will wash her matric certificate so that she can work for herself and also for her family.