Sis Thembi From #DloziLami Left People Happy After She Helped This Woman In #DloziLami

On #DloziLami, Sis Thembi enlightens us daily on the Spiritual and our forefathers. The 63-year-old Phindile on today’s edition of #DloziLami is longing to reconnect with her parents. Phindile has had a rocky relationship with her grandchild and has been in and out of hospitals since she was 20. She thinks the ancestors might have something to do with it. She has reached out to Sis. Thembi in the hopes that she can reunite with her parents.

One of my favorite things about #Dlozilami is how each episode’s content speaks to a different stage of life and what we’re going through as individuals, providing us with answers and guidance on our spiritual journeys. The thing I like best about Sis Thembi Nyathi is that she doesn’t waste time and gets right to the point.




She was abandoned by her mother when she was a child, but the mother denies ever doing so. She claims she was helpless in the situation. Nothing about the mother suggests “I’m sorry for abondoning you,” further illustrating her unrepentant selfishness even in death. You can’t just give up on one kid because of money problems and then go on to do the same thing with the rest of your kids and expect praise each time. Even the grandma is fuming after experiencing so much hardship.

In a startling revelation, Sister Thembi said their father never paid lobola or damages to their mother. Since her mom and dad are at odds, Thembi wanted to know who she would chose to spend the rest of her life with. Since Phindile’s father is no longer alive, she must pay lobola to herself in the form of a tribute to her father. Those ancestors better come through for her, because everything costs money.

This episode taught me that some of my ancestors have issues with taking responsibility for their actions. The mother should have apologized instead of making excuses. But if it had been us, they would have expected a cow along with that apology.