Sis Thembi From #DloziLami Left Her Fans Happy After She Helped This Family In #DloziLami

Sis Thembi From #DloziLami Left Her Fans Happy After She Helped This Family In #DloziLami

Ancestors can make you you to suffer in order to experience soft life that you deserve. #DloziLami The way Sis Thembi educates us about idlozi she explains everything into depth and having a clear understanding as a whole when it comes to ancestors.

Ancestors will make you humble by force. Being humble is the best way to please the Ancestors,they love respect. A mother wrote to #DloziLami because she has a problem with her so clearly Sbusiso who usually u g problem with alcohol. Sbusiso is walking with Sbusiso who is making him do bad things according to Thembi. Her father was not formally introduced to Sbusiso and now he want to know him suffer.


Woman will still go for a family consultation knowing fully well that their kids paternity is questionable. This compromises the entire consultation because at the same time the medium cannot destroy them during a consultation by blurting such things out. His father must introduce his child to the Ancestors, they say they don’t recognize him.

These ancestors live in their realm as clans / isolation or like us in a communal setup. I feel like there’s more to what they are saying, they know what they did and surely it’s bad. Whatever happens in the darkness always comes to the Light. They got too excited and started sharing extremely personal information.

The husband’s grandfather is blaming the husband for not giving Sbusiso a warm home. Sbusiso is turning g 45 years old and the ancestors want him home. Sbusiso has bid farewell to his grandfather spiritual who layer asked him to bid farewell. His grandfather asked him to always notify him about his whereabouts and what his doing.

The family is happy that the grandfather has revealed himself Theough Sis Thembinkosi because they have been consulting none stop without knowing what was wrong with him. The family has plea with him to behave has he start a new journey of waking with his grandfather.