Sis Thembi After She Helped A Lady Who Was Tied Up With Her Underwear For 15yrs

Many wou still be suffering in life not knowing the real reason why, Thembi Nyathi has changed many people lives for the better and given them hope again. Give her Flowers while still alive, her Gift is unmatched for.

Today’s Episode of #DloziLam was scary scary. Sis’ Thembi has revealed a lot of things to me for the past 2 months i have been watching her Show. And our enemies are never far fromĀ us. It started when she was 15 years old she was tied up with her


underwear an black panty tied up at her tree. After 15 years her break through happen God send Thembi Nyathi to her to reveal what’s really happening in her life she was never gonna find out that since 15 years old her Panty was tied to a tree thats why she can’t conceive and was gonna blame the Cyst she has.

Today we saw the realistic part of “The sins of parents are passed down to children…”. The funny part is that the bad spell often sent by our close relatives or family members and then what is gained after. Nothing will be hidden forever ut mighy take years. Another thing they can do to your panty is use it for sacrifice. A sacrifice for wealth can be done with a woman’s panty, they put some things on it, tie your womb or make you crazy in exchange for wealth.

Koko didn’t want to tell us more about the stepfather’s family because she knew that. That family did it thinking she’s going to take the family blessing! Hence the Surname.


Women an Panty very very Sensitive. Stop leaving it an Boyfriends. Problem is some gents cheat. They bring their sides over and those sides steal undies of mains. We as women need to be careful with our Panties,And never laugh at another women panty