Sis Tamara from Big Brother Mzansi threatens her former housemate Thato on Instagram live

Things are not looking real good for Thato as Sis Tamara is coming for her

Sis Tamara is one of the former housemate from Big Brother Mzansi house, she made it to top 8. Sis Tamara was one of the best housemates and she was also very competitive in the house. People liked him and wanted only the best for him.

Sis Tamara has taken it to Instagram live with Nthabii to talk about how they feel about their former housemates. I have to say that they said many thing that offended a lot of fans out there.



Sis Tamara called out Thato from stealing Gash1 from Yoli, Sis Tamara says Yoli is not really happy about what Thato did to her. Sis Tamara was very angry and very drunk, he called Thato with very insulting words and body shaming her. Nthabii was with Sis Tamara and she was laughing at everything that Sis Tamara was saying and also agreeing with him.

People did not expect it from Nthabii because she was a good person, and not saying bad things about other housemates on social media. What really changed her to be like this? Will this affect their future campaigns?

Now that Sis Tamara is fighting for Yolanda’s (Yoli) battles, will he win this one or they will cancel him? Thato has apologized to Yoli and Yoli was fine with it. It is clear now that Yoli is not over Gash1 because she told Sis Tamara that Thato and Gash1 will break up soon.

They should be happy for Gash1 and Thato, they are the best couple and treating each other right. Hopefully this does not affect their relationship because they deserve the best. Sis Tamara wants to meet with Thato and confront her about what she did to Yoli.