Single and Mingle: “Zandile should run” viewers left unimpressed by controlling date

Single and Mingle airs on Moja Love every Saturday. The participants go on dates and we get two watch them meet for the very first time. This week we met glamorous young lady with entertainment industry ambitions, club hostess, Zandile.

She made the best impression but her date had people shaking their heads.

She made it clear that she knew what she was looking for in a man. That she wanted someone ambitious but also someone who makes enough money. A mother of one, she seemed like a girl with a god head on her shoulders. She showed up with a makeup artist to boot, realizing that this opportunity can open door for her.

She was someone whose personality was very vibrant but her date was the complete opposite. Tony showed up looking lackluster in a cap and in their conversation one could tell where his priorities were. He immediately made a rude comment about paying when he saw her.




He then proceeded to make demands about her appearance, making it seem as though she needed to be more demure for his sake. Asking about her schedule at her job and if he could be there to “watch” her. It was very odd to watch.

Social Media Response

People noticed his behaviour was very odd and didnt appreciate what he was trying to do.

One user wrote, “#SingleAndMingle this guy is a bit controlling or is it me??”

While another user wrote, “I really don’t get me who approach women who are baddies (glamour focused) and try to break them?? #SingleAndMingle”

A final user had a great warning for her, writing, “Noooo Zandile run for your life. He is already telling you to wear long sleeves? 💔#SingleAndMingle”

I hope Zandile needs all of these red flags and doesn’t find herself in a relationship with a controlling man.