Single and Mingle: Viewers put off by Refilwe’s judgemental and bitter attitude

Single and Mingle is a kasi dating show about helping people find love. Though as viewers we have yet to see a connection. The matchmakers never seem to be able to get it quite right. The failed yet again this week when they paired together Refilwe and S’busiso.

Refolwe was turned off from the start of her date and it showed




I can understand wanting to find love, but what confuses me is people coming onto Single and Mingle expecting the best. It’s not often the case at all, in fact there might need to be a disclaimer about just that. Refilwe was greeted with an overwhelming voice calling her “baby” before it had even seen her, one could tell where the date was heading.

She was stiff and uncomfortable during the entire time she tolerated her date. She seemed to judge everything about her eccentric date. From how he lived at home to his career as an actor to his facial hair and just generally his presence. It was almost too much to bear honestly.

Social Media Response

One user wrote, “She’s unemployed but she’s looking down on a guy who’s really trying just because he’s not doing something fancy or in corporate. I just….?! 🧍🏾‍♀️ #SingleAndMingle”

While another user wrote, “This refilwe girl is bitter and has a really bad attitude #SingleAndMingle”

A final user wrote, “On a serious note though, for a girl that’s unemployed and has very little to offer, she actually has a [expletive] attitude. #SingleAndMingle”