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Tshidi is 23 years old, she is looking for a good looking guy. She does not mind dating a guy with one or two children, two children is her maximum number. She does not want a guy with more than two children, she does not have a child yet.

Menzi has been single for years now, he is looking for a beautiful lady. He lives with his siblings, he does not date multiple people. The date went well but Menzi did not like the fact that Tshidi answered a call during their date. Tshidi said her friend was the one who called, she wanted to know how their date is going. It looks like it is a date, Tshidi and Menzi are both ready to mingle with each other.





The Second Episode

Sibusiso is a 37 year old, he is more into art. He went to the clinic, he found out he is allegedly HIV positive. He does not has a child yet, he does not mind a lady with a child. He is looking for a model like lady, she should be a slender. He wants a free and honest person, a person that does not smoke.

Refilwe is a fun 28 year old lady, she loves chilling with her cousins. She was born in Soweto, she still lives in Soweto. She has a child, she does not mind dating a guy with a child. She watches TV, do laundry and help her child with homework on her spare time. She is looking for a clean looking guy, she does not want a guy that goes out at night. She does drink, her child is 5 years old.

Refilwe was turned off by the corduroy Sibusiso was wearing, she was also not impressed with his voice. When she saw him, she felt like going back, she was not impressed. Sibusiso has been single for five years, he was impressed with his date. Sibusiso was confused when he noticed that Refilwe was using her hands to eat instead of the fork but he said he does not mind a person that eats with their hands. looks like Refilwe might remain single, Sibusiso is ready to mingle with Refilwe.

This Is Yesterday’s Episode 2/07/22
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