Singer Zandile Khumalo finally apologises for her behaviour on Instagram?

It has been an eventful week already and as you might know, people are not paying attention to singer Zandile Khumalo as they used to when she was still a witness in the Senzo Meyiwa trial.

She has not been out there as much, but there are still some things that are happening for a lot of people who are still following the singer on Instagram.








You would know that the singer talked about how there are people who are angry at her and this is because of the post she made on Instagram about a dog. Apparently, she bought a dog and mentioned that this dog is black and ugly with big eyes.

She went on to say that the dog only barks, it does not bite and it was quite obvious that people would insinuate that she was throwing shade at an advocate representing one of the accused in the Senzo Meyiwa trial.

There is no way that people would act like they did not know what the singer was talking about, it was just obvious. You would know that people had a lot to say about the Khumalo sisters this week and the sisters are always criticised for one thing or another.

She recently took to Instagram to make it seem like she was apologising, she mentioned that she was apologising for her behaviour in the past few days.

And people quickly figured that the singer was just being sarcastic, she was actually not apologising. She was just trolling, she even went on to mention that this will never happen.

Zandile understood very well that people were not happy about the Instagram post and she simply mentioned that she would do anything to protect her family.

She revealed that she got messages from people asking her to not do what she was doing and there were also those who commended her for standing up for herself. She also mentioned that people have no idea what her family has been through.