Simz Ngema responds to claims that she was linked to Thabo Bester

Simz Ngema seemingly responds to the claims that she visited Thabo Bester in prison. Rumours that Simz Ngema was the celebrity that visited Thabo Bester in jail were doing the rounds on social media. MamKhize was the first celebrity accused to being linked to Thabo Bester. After MamKhize shut down those rumours, Simz Ngema became the next target.




People on social media made wild accusations that Simz Ngema was linked to Thabo Bester. However Simz Ngema shut down those rumours. Simz Ngema said that people should stop using celebrities as a distraction. “Stop trying to Vilify his victims and using us as a tool for distraction and tell us the truth!” Simz Ngema posted to her Instagram stories. She then deleted the post from her Instagram stories shorty after.

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