Simple Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair 2019

This is what we all want – super-trendy, ponytail hairstyles for long hair you can do at home!  These easy ponytails are also packed with style and personality – plus gorgeous, and surprising, new hair color ideas.  If you haven’t yet seen, ‘salmon-pink’, promoted from vintage-corsets to be the latest high-fashion hair color, you really shouldn’t miss this gallery.  Come in and enjoy clever ponytails with maximum fashion impact from minimum effort!

What a super look for anyone who loves the limelight, whether you’re a ‘stage-act’ or just a trendy fashion-fan!  This high blonde ponytail reflects every scrap of light with blended silver and ash-blonde for a fabulous, platinum-blonde finish!  The absence of contemporary darker roots, also helps present it as a futuristic style with a definite, anime sci-fi/fantasy vibe.  The neatly braided side-plait makes a cute decoration, contrasting with the wild, tousled high pony that’s very glamorous!


These two hairstyles show how the right accessory can transform your bad hair day into a happy hair day!  They show beachy waves, and straight hair, cut in long layers, so you get a loosely defined diamond shape in a low ponytail.  Anyone with long hair should have a drawerful of ribbons, bows, vintage brooches and bits of broken jewellery ready to give your hair a little extra personality!  Black velvet has always looked lovely on blonde ponytails and half-up styles, but you can also match or contrast the hair-accessory to your outfit, or your eyes.  Green or purple velvet ribbon looks stunning on copper-orange hair, as does indigo or rich-brown, too.  Have fun trying new accessory ideas!