Simmy is grateful to her fans as she shares her plaques on social media

She is talented

Simmy has taken it to social media to share her plaques on social media. Simmy is thankful to her followers and her fans because if it wasn’t for them, she wouldn’t be where she is today. I have to say that her hardwork counts as well.


Plaques are a sign of how much a song has done on the streaming platforms, artists can get Gold or platinum plaques. This is due to how much the song has been streamed online.

Simmy is currently signed to Sun-El Entertainment, she has be been doing great in her music since from day 1. She never changed her style when it comes to music, because that is how her fans know her. She is not only beautiful but talented as well.

These plaques will motivate her to do more amazing work in the entertainment industry and keep on winning. This is definitely a motivation to young artists out there, especially those who look up to her.