Shut the front door, Dj Tira was born in Zimbabwe according to his Wikipedia page. See Pictures.

In what will have many people in stitches Dj Tira has shared a screenshot which purport to be his Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is the page that assemble information about celebrities.

On the probably fake Wikipedia page which Dj Tira has shared as a Screenshot he has his name as Dirarizare Marufu. He was born on the 24th August 1976 in Chegutu, Zimbabwe.



According to the page, Dj Tira left Zimbabwe when he was young and went to live in Durban. It is in Durban South Africa where Dj Tira supposedly launched his career as a musician.

The correct Dj Tira of South Africa’s real name is Mthokozisi Khathi. He was indeed born on the 24th August 1976 in South Africa.

He is a Dj and music producer who owns Afrotainment Record label. He is one of the artists that made Qom music popular. Many people even believe that Qom music was born in Durban.