Shots Fired As Kelly Khumalo Said This About Senzo Meyiwa

Many people have been following this case very closely hoping that there will be a reasonable conclusion to the problems that we are facing as a society, and it seems like this is exactly what is happening in the country but how far is her freedom going to last.

Musician Kelly Khumalo has broken her silence on the Senzo Meyiwa trial as it progresses and it seems like it is something that is always sitting on her mind as the days progress, with the country curious about the circumstances that led to his unfortunate demise at the hands of someone.



The public has been in suspense and out of it with this serious case and they have been very curious to such a point where the right investigations had to be concluded, this is something that we cannot tolerate as a nation.

Many people are calling for arrests because it seems like the police are dragging their feet in this matter and they are really not doing a good job, we need a resolution to this unfortunate incident that has traumatized many members of the public.

Kelly on the other hand seems to be fed up with the general comments on social media, she has went on to say that the country or the world didn’t know Senzo Meyiwa until he was attached to her but she clearly underestimated the love the South African citizens have for their fellow sportsmen.

She came and said “First of all, I was Kelly Khumalo before Senzo Meyiwa”. This has been seen as very insensitive for her to even mention because it is not about fame, but the fact that when someone dies. It is only normal for people to be concerned, she further went on to say that she didn’t know who Senzo Meyiwa was until a friend of hers explained to her who he was.