Shona Ferguson daughter is too much, her beauty and fashion

Shona Ferguson, a well-known actor and producer, passed away seven months and two days ago. Shona’s death has left the family in shock and sadness. In the wake of his death, many people were surprised to learn that he had been seriously ill and was in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Shona passed away in July of the year before last. His wife, Connie Ferguson, and their two gorgeous daughters were his only survivors. Alicia Ferguson is Shona Ferguson’s biological daughter.

Alicia, Shona Ferguson’s only daughter, is believed to be in her early twenties. Everything about Alicia’s appearance and demeanor are the result of her mother’s recipe. At a funeral event, she even admitted that her behavior resembles nothing so much as that of her late father.

Check out Alicia Ferguson’s photo gallery above for some inspiration.


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