Shoki What Have You Done To Mampho? Shoki Is In Trouble.

The way Shoki and Mampho hate each other Nkosi’s plan was just bound to fail. There was just no way that two women competing for the same man can get along. Even Dorothy told Nkosi that his plan will just backfire. Because women unlike men always want to prove a point and be better than the other woman.

Mampho is just a girl on a mission and nothing will stop her from getting what she wants. She wants Nkosi and she is determined to do whatever it takes to win him and have him all to himself. She is determined to fight Shoki all the way. Yesterday she fell down the stairs deliberately so that Nkosi can blame Shoki. If only Nkosi can see right through her that she just did that deliberately.




Shoki is now in hot soup. Because if Mampho gets a miscarriage Nkosi will blame Shoki. Shoki didn’t do anything intentionally. Mampho started the fight and when Shoki told her the truth she just couldn’t stand for it. She became dizzy and fell on her own.

Shoki was provoked and she tried to ignore Mampho but Mampho is just unavoidable. Mampho is just a drama queen and now Shoki will be blamed for something she did not do.