Shoki ‘Shalate Sekhabi’ salary at House of Zwide

Place of Zwide is fast becoming one of the most breathtaking series to watch in Mzansi. Despite the fact that the design house drama series has some seasoned performers who we love a lot on the small screen, part of the cast is made up of new faces introducing them to the small screen of this show. One of these new artists is Shalate Sekhabi, who plays the role of Shoki.


Shoki plays a secondary role in the series Shoki is a young woman who lived her childhood in the municipality; lives with her sister Namesa who is a sewer worker. She is also Onalerona’s best friend.As difficult situations hit his family, he successfully tries to help pay the bills. However, it uses strategies that are not legitimate to go about it. He uses his companion’s entrance to House of Zwide to get in and ends up grabbing some clothes, resulting in a rift between the two companions.

Shoki starts dating Nkosi Zwide, who is the successor to the famous design house. Nkosi’s mother, who was Shoki’s mother’s partner some time ago, doesn’t like this relationship.However, you have the favor of his father.In 2021, he landed his first major television job on House of Zwide, which supplanted Rhythm City on etv.


The salary of Shoki ‘Shalate Sekhabi’ at Zwide House has been paid. Most observers might want to realize how much this star does for House of Zwide. Its payout on the show is valued somewhere in the R60000 and R80000 range.