Shoki and Nkosi from House of Zwide suspected to be dating

House of Zwide is a South African soapie opera which is making waves in the entertainment industry because of its good quality scriptwriting. It has received over half a million views since from its debut back on the 19th of July 2021.







It is a drama series that is watched by both young and old and it is enjoyed by most of its viewers whilst some are not satisfied with their scriptwriting.Shalate Sekhabi and Wanda Zuma are South African actors who are also part of the House of Zwide cast.

Portraying the characters of Shoki and Nkosikhona Zwide on the drama series, they are doing exceptionally well in their craft. The producers and directors of the drama series are well satisfied with how they are able to bring these characters to life. On screen, they are a newly wedded couple that is adored by the fans of the soapie opera. Love is in the air for the two and they have now become Mzansi’s best couple on screen.Whilst many of their fans desired that they become a couple even in real life as they are said to be suited for each other, Shalate Sekhabi has recently shared pictures of her and Wanda Zuma on Instagram. These pictures have sparked dating rumours and made them to seem true because they have nothing to do with House of Zwide but they were shot off screen. Below are the pictures she shared.