” She’s living large but her mother is a struggling alcoholic ” Mzansi Attacks Loved Celebrity

Before celebrities became celebrities, they also came from humble beginnings and humble backgrounds. Many of them came from lives where they lived in extreme poverty or had their own family problems like normal people. And when they make it in life, becoming big stars with big names, it might seem like many of them come from good households with good parents, which is not the case, especially in South Africa. The majority of homes in South Africa are broken or headed by one parent, or even grandparents. This is the story of many of the celebrities in the country.





Some of them, when they make it in life, refuse to look back or go back to the bad circumstances that they came from. Others even refuse to help out their parents because of what they put them through or because they were not there to raise them when they were younger. Kamo Mphela is one of those celebrities who are allegedly in such a situation. The young dancer gained a lot of recognition when she posted videos of herself dancing, which people loved.

After that, she was introduced to the industry, and from there on, she has grown into a recognised international artist, touring some parts of the world performing her music. She recently posted a picture of herself on a billboard in New York, celebrating herself. But Mzansi was not impressed and reminded her of back home, where people allege that she is celebrating herself and living large while her mother is a struggling alcoholic in Soweto. Allegedly the artist does not care about her mother and does not take care of her; apparently she grew up with a simple life, but as soon as she got money, it changed her.

Kamo Mphela Called Out For Leaving Her Mother In Poverty in Soweto