“She’s Leaving Scandal Because Her Boyfriend Told Her He Doesn’t Like Her Kissing Other Men”

SAFTA award winning actress, Nomvelo Makhanya, is set to leave Scandal after 9 years on the show.

@Me4oPresident, left this tweet, “Apparently she’s leaving scandal because her boyfriend told her that he’s not comfortable with her kissing another man on tv. She’s ditching a lead character role that she’s so good at for a boyfriend. Allegedly. I really hope the rumours aren’t true because that would not be a smart move. I mean, look at Sonia Mbele, her then husband told her to do the same thing with her Ntombi character on Generations and that was the last time we saw her on TV. And the husband divorced her.”


The sad truth is that many women out there have neglected/abandoned their talents, careers, businesses, children, passion and goals because of a MAN. They rather motivate a man to do better while their dreams are in a sealed box