Shekhinah leaves her fans astonished with recent pictures.

If it’s one thing we are good at as people is being inspired by people. When you support someone it is because you believe in them and want what is best for them. Every celebrity wants to see themselves in America because they feel that’s when they will know they made it in life.

Shekhinah is an award winning musician with an amazing voice. It is quiet fascinating how some of the stars were contestants on Idols SA but didn’t win. And now the have the biggest careers in Mzansi. Shekhinah has the best voice and her music always talks to people.





She was amongst some of the stars that were excited about Fenty Beauty. She made sure to attend to the event with Fenty Beauty on her face. She looked amazing in the red outfit. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over her. We love seeing her out and about. The Fenty Beauty is doing things to people.