” She Will Turn Against You” || Mzansi Warns Tamia Mpisane About Mamkhize Because Of This

People were left amazed following the homecoming event that Mamkhize did for her daughter in law Tamia Mpisane. Shauwn Mkhize popularly known as Mamkhize is a South African award winning businesswoman and reality TV star. She is one of the successful celebrities in the world and known for having an expensive taste. When she dresses she always leave people amazed and asking for me. People know her as the successful, talkative woman who is always encouraging people to do the best in life. The world has fallen inlove with her because of the motivational words that she always sends to people.





She is the mother of the Royal AM Chairperson and musician Andile Mpisane. He is one of the young celebrities in the country who are successful. He just welcomed his third daughter with his beautiful wife Tamia Mpisabe. The couple got married married five months ago and they are still going so strong. He is one of the few celebrities who got married at a young age. He proved that age has nothing to do with love. When you know the person you want, you can never allow anything to come between you.

He just welcomed his third daughter with his wife Tamia. They welcomed their baby girl three days ago and left people amazed. Messages of congratulations have been pouring out to Tamia as this is her first time being a mother. Being a mother is one of the most beautiful things in life and when given a chance for that they should be grateful. This must be the most happiest time of her life. A home welcoming event was hosted for her at Mamkhize’s house.

This was done to welcome her to the world of motherhood. Everything was done in style leaving people amazed. Meanwhile others are congratulating her, others seem to be concerned. They say she should be careful of Mamkhize because one day she will turn agaisnt her. This is because Andile Mpisane’s baby Mother Sithelo was treated unfairly. During her time when she was still dating him they used to give her the special treatment.