“She was treated unfairly”: We finally found out why Dr. Rebecca Malope asked SA to pray for her

(Dr. Rebecca Malope left with a broken heart after being allegedly disrespected by Bucy Radebe’s management.)

Dr. Rebecca Malope, a gospel legend, took to Twitter this weekend to express her pain.

In a vague tweet, the gospel singer asked South Africans to pray for her because she was going through a difficult time.

Everyone’s responses to the tweet appeared to be perplexed, as there were no details about what transpired and left Malope in pain.

Only today did a Twitter post by @NeoModihapula report on the incident that caused Dr. Malope so much pain.

In the post, Neo claims that [they] overheard a conversation between Dr. Malope and Bucy Radebe management, who is a fellow gospel singer, and that for someone of her caliber, Dr. Rebecca Malope was disrespected by the manager.




“she was treated unfairly and even told to “f**$ off” if she wanted to by the manager of the main artist”

Bucy Radebe held her live recording this past weekend, 30 April 2022, at Sun City Superbowl, and Dr. Rebecca Malope was invited as a guest performer.

Clearing up the reason why the gospel singer was disrespected, her daughter, Thandeka Malope, claimed that there were last-minute changes made to the performance that the Dr. was not told of.

Despite the changes, Neo continued to say on the post that Dr. Rebecca Malope honoured her invitation and performed.

Tweeps were able to dig and find evidence, and it was confirmed that Bucy Radebe’s manager is actually her husband, and some claimed it will be difficult or near impossible for her to fire him.

At the time of publication, there had been no formal apology from the other party, and Dr. Rebecca Malope had not yet confirmed on her own if this actually occurred.