She Was Busy Taking Selfies When CCTV Spotted This Guy Doing This To Her, See Funny Reactions

Life is hard and situations differs depending on the economic situation of the nation one lives in. Zambia isn’t one of the richest nation in Africa and so the crime rate is high like every other poor African countries where people are just looking for any means to feed themselves and their families. Something recently happened which left many people in laughter and shock.


Just recently, a Zambian artist and celebrity figure, Towela Kaira was busy taking the use selfies after an event as the Nigerian superstar Kizz Daniel performed in zambia. Unfortunately for Towela Kaira, while she posed for the camera, someone else took advantage of the situation to make quick cash and did something that left many shocked. See the photo below;

A random guy just relieved her of her phone within the split of a second without her knowledge and this has set tongues wagging as social media users react to the incident. Here are some of the most funny comments made in reaction to the incident;

The celebrity figure has offered a K5,000 reward to anyone with information about the theft as the mobile phone obviously contains some really personal and private details she won’t want in public. This is how intimite photos of celebrities get out in public. Let’s hope she finds the thief or not.