“She must be the most boring presenter the show has ever had” OPW viewers

Our perfect wedding has been on air since 2011. The wedding show has featured multiple presenters since it began, from Tumi Morake to Thembisa Mdoda to Jessica Nkosi just to name a few. None of these presenters have ever been brutally criticized by the viewers. People are different and have their own way of interpreting the show.

The latest presenter of the show is none other than the funny chef whose names are Lebogang Tlokana. Her facebook page is probably one of the most followed pages on facebook. People enjoy interacting with her online but it seems it is a different story when they see her presenting their favourite show OPW.





The chef has been criticized from the first episode she presented. She’s friendly no doubt and tries by all means to blend well with the couple and their families but probably OPW may not be the show for her.

On latest episode the presenter did not look like she was attending a weddding. Infact it seemed as if she was less prepared, Lebo is beautiful no doubt and clothes look good on her. Perhaps the stylist should be questioned on why the presenter looked like she was going to buy some groceries other than present one of the most beautiful weddings the show has ever broadcasted.

Tumi Morake was a comedian however she presented the show with so much class, she paid attention to detail the viewers and the couples. Each week the chef proves presenting a show like OPW isn’t as easy as it seems.