“She May Be Mad And Crazy But She’s Still My Mother ” – Proufly Lady Slams Her Haters

Mzansi were left speechless after seeing a a girl who is proud of her mother no matter what the situation is. The lady has proven that no matter how ugly or mental health she can be she is still a mother. It’s hard to find a mother, people are crying each day wishing that they had mother to share bad and good moments.

According to Facebook user Fact Zambia2 a young lady took it to social media where she proudly pour heartfelt message. This come after her mother has mental disorder which caused her to be mad. The woman is now living in a street but the lady had not forgotten her mother and how much she sacrifices to get her a better life. The lady was heartbroken when she speaks about how much people always referer her as a “that daughter of a mad woman.” She may be not well mentally, but we can see that somehow she knows that she is her blood the way she is looking at her.

It’s sad that there are still this kind of people who does not have respect. The lady can be a product of a mad woman but for sure we thank the woman that she did not left the child at a dustbin or abort the baby. Mzansi has thank the woman for remembering her mother regardless her mental health. The lady is indeed a good child, some would have deny ever known her, but her she is still proud of her even in her present situation, our parents will always be our parents no matter what.

One of commentor revealed that her mother was also like this. With the prayer and support from the church her mother is now find and back to her life.

Let’s send our love to mother and daughter who have just reconnected even we known it’s just temporarily but the fact that she does not forget her, surely it means something.