“She is showing Sonia flames now” fans reacts to the video of Bongani who cheated with Matthew

Is his a publicity stunt?

Since the revelation of Bongani having an affair with Matthew Booth, she has been using this opportunity to make her brand popular. She looks unbothered by the things that have been said about her, and she has gained even more confidence.



On social media they are saying she is showing Sonia Booth flames, by not paying any attention to her. Bongani is a fitness fanatic and she is now making videos of her on social media even more. She shows no remorse or apologizing to Sonia for breaking her family.

In my opinion I think Bongani would agree to have a permanent relationship with Matthew because she does not regret anything. I think she needs to do better because she is hurting another woman. Sonia deserves better because she is a good woman. Others think Bongani might have something big about Sonia.

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