Shauwn Mkhize showcasing her expensive clothes

South African well known women goes by the name Mammkhize Shauwn Mkhize, mother of Andile Mpisane SA very own young man chasing his own dreams on the music industry lucky enough for him to have a wealthy mother who also owns a football club known as Royal AM.

Mammkhize was spotted wearing Balmain Paris: Nylon quilted coat which is worth R52 000, this coat is someone salary tripled spent on a coat. When reach people have money they spend it however they wish and they get bullied on social media for spending their money.


Talks like why wouldn’t she used that money to help a struggling family with it, if her heart tells her not to help anyone no one should question that Twitter says.

On top of that she was also wearing Bicolor Knit raven thigh high boots which cost R35 120, one expensive boots and coat we didn’t look too deep onto her hand bag or investigate on the price and brand but we will find out soon and update you.

Shauwn Mkhize has money and spending a few thousands on cloths does not make any difference, like any other affording person who would be earning R20k per month but such expensive boots and coat would make them go broke for months.

When you are earning R20k you know this label isn’t for you to buy you need to have millions in your account to buy such expensive clothes and still find it easy to continue your day normally and be left with money.

People should learn to know what they can afford to avoid unnecessary pressure, this kind of cloths is for businessman and women, who won’t be depressed after spend R50k on a coat and boots.

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